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Blockchain is changing everything we know

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Blockchain’s trustless system and incentive engineering are revolutionizing the basic building blocks of our society.
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We are witnessing a shift: Open protocols are building vibrant new economies, DAOs are reimagining human collaboration, and NFTs are shifting the concept of ownership. This is only the beginning of a decentralized future.

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We accelerate the mass adoption by helping partners to build on blockchain.

We are a team of blockchain experts and researchers with a mission. We started kernel labs, because our partners offer exciting possibilities for adopting a decentralized future. We work with them to build it.

We know what it takes to launch a successful project on blockchain.

We have designed and launched decentralized apps, blockchain payment systems, and core infrastructure at scale.

We guide every step, from mechanism design to project launch.

We share insights and expertise gained from spinning multiple successful blockchain projects.
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    Token Economy & Mechanism Design
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    Developer Support
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    Community Building
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    Strategic Partnership

The decentralized future is here.

Blockchain’s possibilities are endless. We’re just getting started.
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